The bigger picture

That is really spot on:

“Every month or so there is a new scandal – mass snooping by the NSA, allegations of price-fixing by giant energy companies, major banks corruptly rigging interest rates, giant modern bureaucracies like Serco and G4S ripping off the taxpayer, children’s entertainers from the past charged with sexual abuse.

But these stories never seem to add up to a bigger picture. They are isolated events . And our reaction is always the same – shock and horror, and then it all subsides and we are ready to be shocked and horrified when the next scandal comes along.

A famous American Historian called Richard Hostadter wrote a study of the muckrakers. he said that before McClure’s famous issue there was:

“a diffuse malaise – and it was the muckraking that brought that diffuse malaise of the public into focus”

I think there is an equally diffuse malaise today – waiting for a new kind of journalism to bring it into focus. Like with McClure’s it won’t be just a catalogue of shocking facts – it will be an imaginative leap that pulls all the scandals together and shows how they are part of some new system of power that we don’t fully comprehend.”

Here is the source: There is too much bla-bla and changes of subject in the article, but I recommend it for the 1st video with Tammara’s interview where she discusses Private Equity.


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